Why did you do this?
Because Boris Johnson is a fucking cunt who still behaves as if no one has ever told him that.

But surely you made your point last year, why are you doing it again?
Because you don’t fell a big tree with one swing of a little chopper.

Even since last Christmas Boris Johnson has led a government that has:
- Repeatedly turned a blind eye to their own corruption, lying, rule-breaking and bullying.
- Tried to sneak through a bill to stop ordinary people lawfully and peacefully protesting against them.
- Tried to pass a bill to give them less chance of being held accountable for their corruption.

What do you hope to achieve from it?
To help voice dissatisfaction with the way he conducts himself.
- To further undermine his credibility in the media and among his remaining supporters.
- And to ruin his Christmas.

Who are the Kunts?
A punk band consisting of former minor internet hit singer Kunt and three of his even less successful
former bandmates from back in the day - Carsehole (guitar), Rubber Johnny (bass) and Fucksticks (drums).

I too think Boris Johnson is a fucking cunt. What can I do to help?
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